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We are PIONEERS. There is a disjoint between research and implementation in the entire Education industry, including every classroom. The thousands of research items published annually across the world in myriad disciplines have no way to be expressed within the classroom in a simple manner. It is simply teacher talking to student. 

It is time to bring education into the 21st/22nd Century and use technology to exponential advantage. We can now consistently, reliably and transparently incorporate multiple items of research to within a single computer technology that provides predictable outcomes.


Predictably building the emerging 'intelligent' brain is here now with BRPOD.  Welcome to the future, but this lesson requires we go back in time first...

Plato (423- 348 BC) is widely considered a pivotal figure in the history of Ancient Greek and Western philosophy, along with his teacher, Socrates (c. 470–399 BC)

Socrates used a series of short questions and answers to effect understanding, but Plato as his student was an innovator of the written dialogue and wrote things down. (that naughty kid in the classroom!!) 

This turning point in 'education' where things were written down caused a wide range of effects but history and the explosion of global knowledge bears witness to its effectiveness.

And now, it is time for our Education system, to be changed, from the all knowing teacher, guide, tutor, creator, coach and ultimately the architect of brain growth to have that role handled by a computer application. 

No longer are we dependant on the skills of a teacher, their training, nor class size or budget. A software can build the functioning 'intelligent' brain far quicker, with better predictability and superior outcomes than doing it human to human. 
It is a brave new world and the time has arrived, but now back to the present time...

Here at Behavioural Reading™ we have independently studied the latest cognitive and neurological research across multiple faculties of the Sciences and Arts, then examined the techniques that a great reader uses, in order to develop successful solutions.  

We are not content with productivity and outcomes typical in Education of 1:1, ie one year older equals one year improved, nor are we happy that the most highly-recognized remedial interventions are often struggling to achieve the benchmark ratio of 2:1 (as expected of an intervention).


BRPOD  believed that an exponential improvement in productivity was the only way forward and hence gave itself these challenging parameters:

1 Changes should be achieved in Weeks not Years and

2 Outcome ratios should ASPIRE to meet  100:1  i.e. 100 weeks improvement per one week of effort.

We haven't quite managed the 100:1 consistently, but with a ratio of 92:1 (seen at a NSW High School) following a fortnight's instruction, we have been feeling very encouraged.  Even better, it is being replicated in other schools. See more.

The whole BRPOD package has taken over 30 years from conception to now.  BRPOD combines the best of teaching, coaching, psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, behavioural optometry and neuro-plasticity concepts, all built into a computer-delivered intervention. Marrying together our modern fast world with a human 'animal brain' that is many millennia old, produces unique challenges. The underlying biology, chemistry, developmental processes and primary human instincts are all indisputable factors which will influence every educational outcome. Working with them is paramount and ignoring them does not make sense.

BehaviouralReading begun its foray into schools in late 2015 after running successfully in our Reading Clinic setting for over 12 years in Brisbane. BRPOD is now used by an increasing number of schools and teachers across Australia. 

It is our dream that every student in a school should be able to read and learn without 'learning disabilities' or 'dyslexia'.  Some Hunter Valley schools have been early adopters of BRPOD and are now achieving this for most of their students. For the few students who are slower to respond, we have an active relationship with the school, working together to solve the riddle for these students.

Be warned, BRPOD is completely different to anything seen in schools or offered by other professionals or tutors but it can easily be housed and implemented within these settings with inexpensive accommodations. That said, it needs to be applied with diligence, care and rigor.

We are willing to share our intellectual property, have our data analyzed and invite academics to conduct independent studies.

Finally I end this welcome to you with.... BRPOD is simple, it works and is a new beginning!


Phil Gruhl  

Founder and Creator

Jacob and I finished our final session this morning and he has made huge gains. His confidence with attempting a word (both phonetically and sight) has improved substantially, I noticed strong gains in his reading fluency and his spelling ability.His times tables have also improved although are coming along a little more slowly. We are currently up to our four times tables so I’m hoping his parents will continue with this.


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