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Frequently asked questions for POD:  Use these as a self help guide for common queries. Of course you are always welcome to email me directly if you cannot find your solution here. 

Computer troubles...

Always use CHROME BROWSER. Not Safari and definitely not Internet Explorer. 99% of problems don't happen if you use Chrome. Don't have it, then search and install it and open BRPOD from there.

Finding it too hard

POD brain learning should always be easy.  the POD motto is 'ONE STEP EASIER'  Make it easier in someway to reduce brain load. Be creative and think outside the 'square'

Help, finding?

There is lots of help available for BRPOD. 1) Here on the FAQ. 2) when on the main menu of POD there is a '?' - question mark in the top right hand corner. 3) Behind the ? there is a powerpoint document with lots of useful information, navigation tips etc. I suggest you print it off as there is a lot of helpful advice on it.   4) Video described help is also found behind the same ? mark. Some of it is a bit dated, but most is ok.

Little child gets tired

Of course. This is really hard brain work. Just do 30 minutes and pick up where you left off tomorrow.

Navigation Tips

When on the main menu of POD there is a '?' - question mark in the top right hand corner. Download the top item the CHECKLIST MANIFEST In brief P = pause/play  Back arrow top left corner of browser = return to menu (usually)  Return to menu: Ctrl+Alt+E;  Fast find any page : use the /  at the end of the 'address' and a number = page you want  i.e.*********3fh349*****/99  = go to page 99

Parent help yes or no?

Definitely help. I suggest you both have a computer and work on it together.  Also it is worthwhile for Parent to search around the other menu items in POD to understand what is there and how it could be useful. I like to have some bluetooth headphones and listen to the instructional videos while supporting your charge.

Red and blue glasses 

Should I buy red and blue glasses for this and if so from where do you recommend?

I have some free colour lenses here so if you reply with your postal address I shall send you three different colours. Just get an old glasses frame and tape it on and swap it to the other eye each day. Otherwise red/green glasses on ebay are ok to use. You only have one eye with a colour. The other eye is natural. Preference of colour is Red - hardest  Blue - middle  Yellow easy.  Try red and downgrade if needed.

Repetition... I am bored

Beware, some people get bored as it is highly repetitive especially in the first few days but that is part of the challenge. See how you can 'entertain' yourself from the tasks!!!

Time ran out

I didn’t have time to complete the exercise and this happened twice: 

Press the letter P on your keyboard to pause/play. 

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