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Webcam setup.PNG
Jaycar QC3209 webcam.PNG

We are trying to achieve this setup without the messy desk! The Wideangle Webcam should be slightly in front of your shoulder and about 30-40 cm to the side. Placed correctly, it will let me see you, including your shoulder, head, keyboard and mouse as well as your screen.  

Tripod 14  inch screw.PNG

This little tripod is showing the 1/4 inch camera screw that you need to attach your QC3209 to the tripod

The Webcam QC3209 can be purchased from JAYCAR electronics either from your local store or purchased online. We find this the best because of the 'Wide Angle' of 116 degrees. There are cheaper ones on ebay but it is difficult to get them as wide as 116 degrees which is needed.

Octopus stand.PNG

You will need some sort of tripod to hold the Webcam in the correct position. You likely already have something at home, an old music stand, a camera tripod or just a kitchen chair that a cheap 'Octopus Tripod' can cling to.

Test your Setup

1) Connect your webcam into a USB slot in your computer.

2) Open Zoom App (you might need to install it.)

3) Zoom should Autodetect your Webcam QC3209

4) Look at your own monitor and work out where to get the best complete view of yourself sitting at the computer.

5) Is the image clear and sharp?

6) No bright windows or lights should be pointing at the webcam as this will cause the picture to be unclear. 

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