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RESEARCH v's Application of Research something to think about ... more

EVIDENCE BASED: RESEARCH FINDINGS; what should happen is the explicit teaching of reading in Years P-3 with a method of Phonological Awareness and Synthetic Phonics.  This provides the  literacy foundation moving forward. BUT what if it doesn't work?

BR is unique in that it gives schools and children a SAFETY NET.  BR will  even function when the correct evidence based work was missed, poorly instructed or not learned owing to illness and other issues.  WHY: The student is now older and can likely read a little, though poorly with many deficiencies. BR/POD rapidly reprogrammes the reading brain making it efficient with comprehension gains of up to 3.5 years occurring in a single fortnight of instruction.

For best results however some followup work that targets the specific rules content  should occur to properly equip a student for their future. There are myriad 3rd party programmes that do this work well and most schools already do this, so BR does not bother to offer this content.

Position Statement:

BR actively supports the evidence based practice for the teaching of reading where P-3 uses Phonological Awareness and Synthetic Phonics and actively discourages Whole Word/Balanced Literacy which still dominates practice in many classrooms.

BR innovates beyond the scope of the published evidence in a quest to reveal solutions that may one day become evidence based. We have a special interest in Dyslexia and the High School cohort.

Please consider that BR is open minded and non discriminatory in the sciences and disciplines that it may incorporate into its solutions but shall always attempt to display indicative outcomes for your due consideration.  


BR supports the objective of promoting effective, evidence-based reading instruction and encourages you to explore the following organisations as a gateway:

Evidence Based Items

EVIDENCE BASED Items applicable to the teaching of reading that are used in BehaviouralReading and the POD software include:

Visual Perception 

Visual Discrimination

Visual Closure

Visual Memory

Visual Form Constancy

Visual Accuracy

Auditory Processing

Auditory Conceptualization

Auditory Memory

Phonological Awareness

Phonics explicit teaching and instruction

Phonemic awareness


Non Word Spelling

Word Attack

Working Memory

Semantic Language

Expressive Language

Behavioural Sciences

The items above are all included within each BRPOD Computer Lesson, but they can also be accessed in isolation for targeting each single deficit.

EVIDENCE  in Action:

High Schools currently using BR POD to great effect include:

New South Wales-

Dungog HS  subscription duration 3 years

Taree HS subscription duration 3 years

Wauchope HS subscription duration 3 years

All these three schools have completed their own internal validation for effectiveness in their own schools and are now rolling out across entire year levels. They are all welcoming of being contacted to share of their professional experience and the outcomes achieved

A Dedicated System for High Schools

Every high school teacher understands their unique situation. They inherit a cohort of students every year for which they have no control over their early learning, but are then tasked with effecting a high quality education for these students regardless of their skill set.

BRPOD is your High School SAFETY NET so that regardless of early learning, the future will still be positive with effective traditional learning methodologies involving reading, writing and maths.

Start with some students today and in two weeks time you will know that this is real.  Simply one hour per day for a fortnight to see an amazing change in the students.    Sign up here   philip@behaviouralreading.com.au


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