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BRPOD empowers parents to teach their kids to read when methods used at school have failed!
BRPOD is based on the latest science, using evidence-based principles. 
These principles are well-researched methods that work.
Best of all.... everything found on here is FREE 

What you WILL find when using BRPOD is plenty of:

Sounding Out words
Tapping and Counting sounds in words
Preventing any GUESSING of words
Switching between alphabet Names and alphabet Sounds
Sounding Out (Slowly) and Sounding Out (Rapidly)
Spelling words Forwards and Backwards (while looking at the words)
Visualizing the letters in the words
Air-writing the words
Practising Correct Pencil Grip and writing words using correct letter formation (on paper)
Looking at and Sounding out logical groups of similar words like bet, get, set, met
Improving Phonic Knowledge (Letter Names and Letter Sounds)
Identification of first, second and last sound in the spoken word
Adding and Deleting sounds from spoken words
Identifying the two or three sounds in a consonant blend/cluster in a spoken word
Reading Nonsense Words you see
Spelling Nonsense Words you hear
Auditory Mapping of sounds in words (especially vowels)
Visual (Orthographic) Mapping of words
Physical (Kinaesthetic) Mapping of words through writing
Visual Reading Accuracy
Using words with logical spelling rules
Building Semantic language (linking words to meaning)
Building Central Auditory Processing skills (listening with background noise)
Visual Processing (managing differing fonts and more...)
Working Memory management
Creating Efficient reading skills to a level of 'automaticity'
Method to create Fluent Reading for the beginner reader

Creating complex abstract reasoning of 2D space by linking descriptive language to physical actions like above, below, next to, row 2+column3
Imprinting and Retrieving material through Rote memory (like timetables)
Growing and developing 'Broca's Area' on demand
Reinforcing Perfect Imprinting versus Messy Imprinting
Managing Stress (both visual and auditory)
Learning methods to mimic the fluency of elite readers
Visualizing the idea behind a word or sentence (see the story in your head)
Verbalizing the idea behind a word or sentence (describe the story that you see in your head)
Using descriptive language (using the senses, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling) to describe the idea behind a word or sentence
Practising a method to create Split Thinking (like reading and solving mental arithmetic at the same time)

And all this adds up to COMPREHENSION

And the best part..... by doing the assembled exercises each day, almost all of the things listed above are being created AT THE SAME TIME.


In BRPOD you are guaranteed there will be:

No Cueing,
No Guessing
No skipping lines
No looking at pictures for Clues
No 'Now does that sentence sound right?'
No... "What word could make sense here?'
No... 'Look at the first letter and guess'
No sight word lists
No 'read like an Avid reader’
No 'Graded Readers'
No 'Reading Levels' 
No ‘Reading Recovery’ methods
No 'Whole Word' method
No 'Balanced Literacy' method 
No 'Levelled Literacy Intervention’
No ‘Look Say Cover Write Check'
No Drawings or Pictures
No colourful animations
No cute characters and cartoons
No 'busy' cluttered screens
No cute audio 'entertainment' sounds



Seriously... just login and use it, no catches. It is free for everyone. 

Essential podcast listening

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web address:  ... (please use Chrome or Edge browser on pc or ipad for best results)

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Perfect for Autism and learning

Intellectual Disabilities via our partner speech pathologist



See results within
12 daily sessions

BRPOD is an alternative approach to literacy and learning for those students whom have failed to progress at school. Suitable for both disabilities as well as excellence.

BRPOD has proven to be highly successful, 
achieving performance ratios as high as 92:1. (Benchmark comparison rate = 2:1)



We are PIONEERS. There is a disjoint between research and implementation in the classroom. The thousands of research items published annually across the world in myriad disciplines have no way to be expressed within the classroom. It is simply teacher talking to student.  It is time to bring education into the 21st century and use technology to exponential advantage by consistently, reliably and transparently incorporating multiple items of research to within a single computer technology assisted machine, that provides predictable outcomes. Unfortunately, the entire Education Industry has failed to make this essential connection. Using BRPOD, you can now build the emerging 'intelligent' brain with certainty from within your school or at home.  Welcome to the future...

BRPOD is based upon the multi-deficit hypothesis (phonological, cerebellar and magnocellular) of dyslexia using computer-based tasks requiring central executive processing, sequencing, visual and auditory processing as well as phonological awareness skills.  These ingredients are typical of speech pathology, occupational therapy, behavioural psychology and optometry, but are uniquely combined into a single application.   Read more

Trusted by parents, teachers, speech pathologists and
students of all levels

Confidence & Control

“My son has completed the 2 week bundle. I am amazed at how quickly his confidence levels have increased.״ 


13 yrs old

Suitable for All Levels

“Jacky got an A+ for English; Eloise got straight A's! We really appreciate your wonderful help.״ 



A Real Solution

“We still had no adequate solutions until we were recommended to you and BRPOD״ 

Karen L.

Ted & Brooks

BRPOD is a perfect solution for many clients whom regularly access one or more allied health professionals  and desire complementary learning opportunities: 

  • Speech Pathologist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Psychologist

  • Optometrist (Behavioural)

  • Remedial Teacher

  • Tutor

  • Learn to read services


Phone Philip: 0414 745 074

Head office: 2/27 Godwin St Bulimba, Qld Australia

What can we help you with?

Mind-blowing Results

“I would never have believed that Matt would be able to read as fluently in such a short time.״ 

Jen B.


Ideal for Teachers

“Well. BRPOD is the only thing that works.״ 


High School Teacher

Immediate Improvements

“The change in J's school work was noticeable in her report card the next term״ 

Karen L.

Ted & Brooks

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