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New paradigm 3: Education research and publishing must become a 'culture' that is widespread. This should occur from a broad variety of sources. It is needed to validate and develop nuanced approaches to pedagogical practice.

Schools, teachers and private corporations must be encouraged to self publish.

'A bold yet achievable vision to reform education is Australia and across the world'

New paradigm 4: Realtime evolution and development of 'efficient learning' technologies by utilizing data capture through mass participation on learning platforms where content can then refined in real time. This can be achieved by altering source code to select populations and capturing data on any efficiencies gained or lost with the variables. This is now all possible with current internet capabilities.

New paradigm 1: Intelligent modern brains are built on a 'by design' basis, rather than the historical 'by chance' basis to fulfill the expectations and demands of our modern evolving civilization. It is now possible with more predictability and speed to use purpose built computer assisted technologies to build the complex cognitive functions in humans towards an 'ideal' for our modern learning, educational goals and demands of our modern evolving civilization. Our wonderful teachers should be the human connection to inspire our students and be the emotional bridge between them and curriculum content, without the burden of being solely responsibe for national educational standards.

New paradigm 2: Education needs the same support that industries like medicine, health and engineering enjoy. At present there is no industry to develop and implement evolving research into viable and functional complementary equipment, applications, applied methodology and procedures. Imagine medicine without all its tools and equipment. The tools, machines and equipment is what makes medicine fast, prectable and safe despite the skills and training of all personnel. 

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