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I'm a parent of a Primary  aged child Grades 1 to 3  
and school is a struggle, reading is a problem, frustration is a developing theme for myself and my child.
If this is you, then the best advice I can give would be to read what I have to say here, as a lot can be done either for free, little cost, or if you want the support of professional services whether in our clinic or on the other side of the world, then we can help online, or you can find someone local to where you live.
Step 1  $Substantial cost
You would Google, your local paediatric speech pathologist and ask them if they have a special interest in childrens learning, language and literacy.  A good experienced professional will likely cost you about $500 to $1000 but you should leave with a good understanding of why things aren't working as they should.
A speech pathologist is able to comprehensively assess, diagnose and implement the gold standard of treatment for this age group - a phonological based reading intervention commonly known as 'synthetic phonics', supplemented with the other essential missing components which could be contributing to your child's difficulties. It might help to consult a checklist from a speech pathologist to help you.   
The things a speech pathologist will look for are poor sound creation known as articulation. Difficulties with language, which includes understanding and, or telling a story are important. Memory and processing are also really important  because the classroom is full of instructions which need to be acted on correctly.
Learning relies on so many things working together and the speech pathologist is an expert at treating any problems that may exist. They have greater training and skills in these special areas than your teachers, because teachers are trained to deliver curriculum whereas your paediatric speech pathologist is are trained to develop the entire learning and communicating person from just after birth right through to adult.   
Step 2 $FREE 
I bet anything, that Sight Words have been a nightmare. You should read this extract from an amazing teacher who provides his books for free: website  PDF  (Read from page 76 "Reading Instruction and Phonics" to understand why the 'Sight Word' method used in almost all schools around the world has probably failed your child. Research shows it to be a very poor methodology that is a legacy from the past 60 years and now shown to be causative in our poor literacy of recent decades.) But... 
Here is a solution for free and all it will take is your interest and effort as the parent. Would you like this free solution? Yes  No  
Yes, ok... 1 Download and use the Stephen Parker books.  (This single resource is quite simply the best resource available and it is completely free and easy to read and implement. 2 Free professional training videos.  Watch these to see cutting edge techniques, methods and a summary of many decades of trials on what works and why. 
Step 3 $Free Save your money! Apart from the pretty websites that you get from online products, 99% of all reading products being sold to teachers and parents for literacy that propose 'Evidence Based" eg things like Multi-lit, Reading Eggs to name just two, are in fact, all the same underlying product technology. Their differences are simply their packaging and presentation.
Parker Phonics is giving away this for free so should you be on a budget then start here. 
Step 4 Lets get started
1. Find a speech pathology developmental checklist here and complete it.
2. Google "paediatric speech pathologist literacy and learning" and ask them about what the checklist revealed
3. Download Stephen Parker's books here
4 Watch me on some video's talking about all of this and even learn how to implement it for free
5 Know its all going to be ok regardless of what you do now. There is another huge opportunity to fix up poor literacy and learning in the future. In the meantime celebrate your child. Heap lots of love on them, kick a ball, climb a tree and splash in the water.
Kids need to be kids so chill for a while.
This can wait.
I'm a parent of a Primary aged child Grades 4 to 7
and I know something isn't quite right, but why should I choose BRPOD and not another product, course or tutoring method?
A: Well you shouldn't without looking into it seriously, after all it is your child and their future deserves the very best as I am sure you will agree. 
Q: My first question to you is what have you done and did it work?
A:Comment: If it did, then maybe you should do more of it, but if you believe the effort, speed of improvement  and outcomes weren't super great, then I think you should keep on looking at BRPOD and see what we can offer. Maybe its better, maybe not.
Q: Is speed of results important to you? 
Are you happy to do an extra 40 minutes per day for 6 - 9 months that happens with many systems and tutors?
Are you tempted to choose something that could show results in only a fortnight?
A:With most therapies, tutors and other systems, you don't expect to see real change for months or years but with BRPOD and its unique breakthrough technology, you will see real results in just two weeks of one hour per day. Start BRPOD now...
Q Do you get annoyed that all these add-on businesses just keep on costing heaps of money year after year? 
A: There are long lasting benefits that will see spontaneous improvements long after the 'therapy' has finished. My goal has always been that a BRPOD graduate now has the working brain similar to the A/B student in their class. For these A/B kids, tutoring is an optional extra and generally not needed, ever.  Start BRPOD now...
Q: Do you believe that the old tried and true is best or are you willing to look at new state of the art developments as they arrive?  
Q: Are real breakthroughs only possible from universities or can small boutique operators discover new and exciting solutions? 
Q:Can you accept that something new can really deliver for your child? Start BRPOD now...
Q: Have you found that your child has special issues and needs a tailored 'therapy'? Start BRPOD now...
Q: Is your child dyslexic but you believe that there has to be a genuine solution that will really work for them, possibly even correcting their dyslexia? Start BRPOD now...  
Q: Is your child struggling with math and general learning in other subjects, perhaps acting out, restless, won't concentrate, disruptive and a trouble maker in class, or withdrawn and becoming more anxious day by day?  Start BRPOD now... 
Q: Has your child been identified to have any of these common issues, auditory processing problems, memory issues, rapid naming, word attack, non word spelling or reading, comprehension issues to name but a few? Start BRPOD now... 
Q: I'm worried that my child is pretty lazy and probably won't make the effort required. Will it still work?
A: Probably not, so save everyone's time and try to work on motivating your child in some way to really give a good effort when they do start. That said, it is pretty amazing how many 'hopeless cases' have somehow enjoyed BRPOD, clicked with it, and gone on to great outcomes.  Start BRPOD now... 
Q: Are you worried that the fee for using BRPOD seems expensive? 
A: Sure it is a bit more up front, but the single fee is all that you will need to pay should you DIY, but remember your long term savings from not needing a tutor forever. Plenty of parents will spend beyond $10 - 15k on tutors. I find this shocking!  Start BRPOD now... 
Q: I am worried that if it doesn't work for my child what can I expect from you as nobody gives guarantees in the education industry? 
A:We stand by our product and for the very few that don't see results we will happily return fees as per our guarantee. The revolutionary new methods, when used diligently and correctly give incredibly reliable and consistent outcomes. Start BRPOD now ...
Q: I think that my child is only average and maybe they are doing as well as they should, but would like to give them every chance to excel. Can you help with that and would you be the best place to start or something else? 
A: Most definitely start here. The time saving alone is reason enough! Average students can obtain straight A's when their brain processing is optimized. We have helped many of our clients do just that. Start BRPOD now...
Q: My child is nearing adolescence and shutting down from getting any more help. Is this something that you can help us through? 
A: Definitely, because BRPOD acts so rapidly, even the most impatient adolescent can probably tolerate the few days it takes to start seeing results. Start BRPOD now...
Q: I think its crazy that you can do in weeks what other therapies and tutors can't do at all, or if so, it takes years. I want to know what has happened that allows BRPOD to do this when nobody else can and what special features will validate this for me? 
A: There are many specialties that  provide our understanding and can offer clinicalhelp for our children, such as  optometrists, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and educators. BRPOD combines aspects of all these disciplines into its clever and uniquely designed computer software package that is the backbone of BRPOD. Start BRPOD now...   
Q: I am still unsure and believe that I should do other things first. Is this OK? 
A: Sure its ok, but take advantage of the free resources we have here and even if you say goodbye now, we can always help in years to come because BRPOD works across a very wide age range.  
Either way, very best wishes - PhilG
I'm a parent of a High School student Grades 8 to 10
and I am pretty disappointed with how school is working out and the future isn't  looking so great. We are starting to look at our options about doing something easier at school and not going to university or even TAFE. It all seems too hard. I really wonder if there is something else we could do. We have already done programs, seen tutors, spent a lot of money and nothing has worked.  Being  realistic, this is probably our last chance  to really help our son/daughter with their learning...
Wow, what a responsibility that every teacher, tutor or program has to these young people.  Here at BRPOD we take this very seriously and won't ever recommend our products or services if we don't genuinely believe they are the very best option for a given person and their circumstances and even though we have a lot to offer, we actively believe there are many excellent specialists  that have unique skill sets which should be explored to best advantage.
Q: Look I have heard it all before, seen adverts on TV, do this, do that, school can do it, school can't do it. I wonder if there is a single very special reason why BRPOD would be the best fit and why?
A: our young adults are wonderful, fragile, exciting, timid, aspiring, fearful but most of all aware.  At this stage for these young people, at BRPOD we have discovered that unless  they perceive value and relevance at their intuitive subconscious level they will refuse to engage.  Most of our successful students will engage within the first three sessions. This extremely rapid engagement is pivotal to all success and is unique to BRPOD.
Q: It seems a risk to me that we should try something so new. All our life we have been hearing about 'the new syllabus', new maths'. I'm pretty sick of it. With BRPOD having very little formal evidence, how do you argue this?
A: Your risk of the fees and effort should be weighed up against the lack of formal evidence, but all innovation lacks evidence.  Only mainstream has a lot of evidence. So ask yourself the next question... Start BRPOD now...  
Q:  I see a world in which new technologies and innovation are everywhere. Bigger, faster, longer, smaller better, safer, cheaper, reliable predictable. What is going on in education. We are seeing the same old arguments and I am tired of it. Why should we believe you?
A: You shouldn't but what other choices do you really have. Quite frankly I think it incredibly sad that BRPOD is the only genuinely different product for you to choose from.
A2: Maybe you could look at the outcomes at Taree HS NSW where they are now in their 4th year (2020). Their first effort when they didn't really have any experience netted results of 20/20 kids improved. Average improvement in reading comprehension was 3 years 10 months in just 10 hours over 2 weeks of effort. Age of students was Grade 7 and Grade 8. That outcome alone sets BRPOD apart from any other known product, method or system available globally.
Regardless of your decision
thanks for supporting us, even if it is only that you have read this far!
best wishes 
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