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Behavioural Reading Ezi Reader 1 skills and drills for instructors


Part 1a - Training with EziReader™ One

Part 1b - Training with EziReader™ One

Exercises to enhance reading skills with the Ezi Reader side 1

Part 1c - Training with EziReader™ One

the Ezi reader sde i is a perfect partner for teaching

Part 2a - Training with EziReader™ Two

(includes EziReader™ One review)

Ezireader side 2 reading skills and techniques for fast learning

Part 2b - Training with EziReader™ Two

Ezireader side 2 is part of the BRPOD range of accessories

Part 3 Training with EziReader™ Three

Ezireader 3 has advanced skills suitable for advanced students

Part 4 Training with EziReader™ Four

ezireader 4 includes mathematics exercises _complements reading

Part 5 Training with EziReader™ Five & Six

Ezireader 5 includes handwriting maths reading spelling
Ezireader 6 completes the BRPOD package
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