Research is a multi billion dollar industry and in most industries the knowledge gained finds its way to some form of commercial expression, except it seems for the Education Literacy sector.

Education and literacy based research papers, doctorates and studies are too numerous to even contemplate, but what comes of this effort?  It seems very little.  Where are the tangible improvements in how we deliver or utilize new found research?  Even a simple shift in methodologies from whole word to a phonological basis is still struggling to become the dominant force after 30 years. In our modern era,  for an entire industry and academic sector this is simply unacceptable.

In recent years there has been a disturbing shift by leading researchers  whom after a lifetime of pivotal research  are now finding themselves actively campaigning against anybody that attempts to assimilate knowledge from a broad base into some form of delivery package, be it a program, a system, a  computer software or a method. This is understandable when after a lifetime of dedication to research little appears come from it and new kids on the block are trying to short cut the process, but our world is changing.

RESEARCH v's Application of Research something to think about...

The very difference between researching and providing empiricle  and documented evidence for an isolated item cannot be better demonstrated than by the recent failures by Boeing 737 Max. This aircraft is a perfect case study displaying the fallibility of evidence based and theoretical modelling as applied by researchers.  All the evidence in the world comes to nought if the plane still crashes.  The scenario painted here shows that researchers and designing inventors and manufacturers are two distinctly different animals and both have their role to play for the greater good.

It is time the many stakeholders in the education sector stopped worrying about evidence based micro units and focused on evidence achieved in real time and in real situations with real products used in the way they have been designed, to the specifications and parameters set and with appropriately trained personnel.

BRPOD is one such example of these emerging technologies. There is no rhetoric needed, only real time and real observational evidence which is supportable by standardized testing.


RESEARCH v's Application of Research something to think about  continued..

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