Position Statement:

BR actively supports the evidence based practice for the teaching of reading where P-3 uses Phonological Awareness and Synthetic Phonics and actively discourages Whole Word/Balanced Literacy which still dominates practice in many classrooms.

BR innovates beyond the scope of the published evidence in a quest to reveal solutions. We have a special interest in Dyslexia and the High School cohort.

Please consider that BR is open minded and non discriminatory in the sciences and will incorporate anything that works. BR will always attempt to display indicative outcomes for your due consideration and at all times invite scrutiny.  


BR supports the objective of promoting effective, evidence-based reading instruction and encourages you to explore the following organisations as a gateway:

BR is unique in that it gives schools and children a SAFETY NET. 

BR will even function when the correct evidence based work was missed, poorly instructed or not learned owing to illness and other issues.  more...


WHY: The student is now older and can likely read a little, though poorly with many deficiencies. BR/POD rapidly reprogrammes the reading brain making it efficient with comprehension gains of up to 3.5 years occurring in a single fortnight of instruction.

There is additional content but it can be tailored to the needs of individual students as applicable.


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