BRPOD is unashamedly a paradigm shift. Created quietly behind the scenes and out of the public eye, many years of development have gone into creating a system that can operate within the legacy of the existing  educational industry but also be a 'disrupter' allowing for wholesale change within structures, operations, public perceptions and outcomes  and all be within an affordable and accountable package. 

Many old paradigms that BRPOD challenges and offer solutions for include:


- that accountability of schools, teachers and their remuneration packages must be brought into line with the wider professional community more..

- that a shift in belief  can accommodate the idea that remediation can occur rapidly and that this is no longer considered heresy to say so,

- that there is shift in culture from where teachers have an internalized expectation to have and implement all the solutions, to where the teacher is part of a team and that referring on is expected.

- that it is inapropriate for Teacher Aides to be implementing remediation owing to their poor level of training and that a nominal 3 week course  is somehow sufficient.

- that teachers  and the Education Faculty own literacy and other faculties have little to offer

- that  phonological awareness is part of and not the entire solution and packaged methods should bear more appropriate yet rigorous research protocols 

- that 'evidence based' is currently  being used as a political concept by researchers and it needs to be modernized  to something such as 'evidenced in action' allowing for such errors as has occurred with the Boeing 737 Max to be prevented and that real life outcomes in real time become the new yardstick.

- that modern techniques allow for effective and measurable improvements rapidly and no longer do we need wait for months or years to evaluate efficacy.

- that remediation technologies can be web served and create equality of remediation opportunities regardless of location,  situation or availability of  specialist personnel.

- that web delivery creates a whole new  world of opportunities for rapid research data collection 

- that efficiencies in research studies can be effected in real time by adjusting content as it is delivered to the end user.

- that  a single research variable can can be tested with multiple forms concurrently by broadcasting many forms of the same thing. (for example different a palette of colours)

- that a hypothesis to early supporting evidence can occur within 48 hours

- that a culture of research and publishing become the norm within every school through the deployment of clinical psychologists whom oversee all research projects and that publishing becomes a normal duty.

- that active collaboration becomes the norm between competing faculties  more akin to the medical model of patient care

- that the solution to our declining literacy performance must come from within the 'establishment'  and not from outside.

- that its acceptable to be part of the education sector in a professional capacity even though there is no normal category. Sorry, a bit sour here. I am a former high school teacher of over 25 years classroom experience and have effectively been ostracized from the industry. There is no category in the associations to maintain my teacher registration without undergoing a re-entry process. None of the informal PD is recognizable despite over 20 years of self directed immersive study and developing programs. 

- that the concept of education is altered to a 'build the brain allowing curriculum to be achieved' rather than 'the brain grows in response to the curriculum'

- that a high technology safety net in high schools is a realistic, effective, affordable and logical solution to accommodate the infinite variability of learning challenges for these students attending our high schools

- that remediation in high school has speed advantages owing to more advanced neurological maturity and development in other aspects.


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