For many years doctors, scientists and university students have been studying the link between the functioning of the brain and learning difficulties. There have been the usual developments and the usual set-backs of which we won’t get into here.


However, I can say with certainty that there are simple and sequential neurological techniques and practices that really do change reading and learning ability. I’ve been using these techniques to significantly improve children’s learning capabilities for over 8 years. I have successfully taught over 400 learning-challenged students. 


In fact 80% of students that I work with improve to peer level or above within a few months. The rest take a little longer. Speech Therapists I have worked with, support and utilise my ideas and techniques in their own practices.


My formal training is in teaching and I have been running a reading clinic for over 25 years. These techniques work, and I have chosen to make them available to teachers, tutors and parents because there are just too many students that need them.


By keeping the purchase cost low and making these materials readily available, teachers can be empowered to create extraordinarily good readers more rapidly than ever before.


THIS IS A NEW AGE OF LITERACY! Let Australia lead the world in this change by utilising these proven neurological techniques that make up Behavioural Reading™ methodology. 


Phil Gruhl


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